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Planning Your Birth- Nappy Changing Box

So you may have a nappy changing station ready for your newborn, but just as an extra measure I would highly recommend the nappy changing box. This is a moveable station that you can use any wear around the house. When your baby is less baby and more toddler this box will be a saving grace.

  1. Nappies

whether you are opting out for cloth diapers or disposable you need a stash. With disposables you can store more... Say around 10 in the box a day. Cloth nappies take up some more space so you can do 2 day time diapers and 1 nighttime diaper stash, and as soon as you put it on just replace.

The nice thing about this box you can use it for all your kids at the same time if you have a baby and a toddler running around, so wherever you are situated in the house at that point you can have it accessible for a quick and easy change.

2.Wet wipes

I am convinced this is the most consumable product from a baby ....and a mom lol. If i could have a wet wipe fanny pack I would...everything is sticky, or has dropped on the ground or runny nose or just to simply change a nappy. This box nearby solves these issues- Especially at night changing a baby while you are half asleep.

3. Bum cream

There is so many amazing bum creams on the market the choice is yours. If you using cloth nappies remember to go for something more natural like coconut oil or you can even DIY your own mix.

4.Saline solution nose spay

From newborn throughout toddler stage and even further, You can use the nose spray to assist with the boogers to escape...

5. Cotton wool buds

This is to assist with cleaning the umbilical cord with some surgical spirits. you will also use the cotton buds for cleaning the nose.

6. Surgical spirits

As mentioned above the this is to assist with cleaning the umbilical cord.

7. Teething Gel and teething toy

Obviously this is for a little later stage of the babies milestones, but having this ready will help with the baby focus while changing the nappy and soothing the little ones gums is a win win situation.

8. Changing Clothes

Changing clothes in some zip lock bags depending on the season , maybe 2 outfits. Just remember to replace.

9. Changing Mat

Bless the changing mat... you can use a old towel, a changing mat or a disposable changing mat. this is to assist with the messes and there will be messes.

10. Baby Medicine and syringe

Medicine that doesn't belong in the fridge and has a baby proof cap. like pain medicine or colic drops, I even have my Paracetamol ready incase a headache occurs, as there is no stopping a mom in her stride.

Hope you enjoyed the post and it was helpful, please drop a comment below, and let us know your tips and hacks for the nappy changing box or station, we love to hear from you. Also if there is any topic you wish for me to discuss please feel free to drop me an email.

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