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Planning Your Birth Checklist- Mama Hospital Bag

As a second time mom to be, in a very short time frame of only 16month apart, one of the benefits is remembering everything I needed and used for my first birth and post partum recovery process and what I really didn't need.

So here is a few things I have learnt from my first birth and preparing for my second.

  1. Nursing Bra's

at least 3 if you going to be staying in the hospital for a few days and planning to breastfeed. I wasn't very prepared the first time and I had these flimsy unsupportive ugly training like bras, this didn't help my mood of how I felt about myself and also it was expensive and I didn't feel any support especially with my new protruding nipple stands and I felt so unappealing. Do some shopping around and see if you can find yourself great supportive padded bra something you wouldn't mind wearing for as long as you plan to breastfeed and even when you get your body back.

2. Seamless Panties - COTTON

nothing like some breathable undies biggest advise stick to dark colors that you don't mind discarding in a month or keep them as period panties till you finally get into that smaller fit again.

Socks - Non Slip

the last thing you want to be worried about is looking for your slippers under the bed if you need to go to the loo. Save yourself the hassle and get 2 or 3 pairs of non slip sock, they also come in handy during your winter season...still using mine.

4.Nipple Cream

this is not where you try to save, I tried to be budget wise as it was quite expensive, boy was I sorry. Go get yourself a good nipple cream its going to save you a lot of pain. I finally uses Purelan 100 from Medela. I wish I had just started with something like that at first instead on the shop brand

5. Nipple Shields

I didn't have these at first and my son wasn't latching properly and in-between the sucking hurt my nipples was so sensitive i started to cry. my friend who was a new mommy suggested that I get nipple shields as my nipples were small and still adjusting. consult a nurse to see what size will best fit you so you can get the right fit, my first was too big. finally got the right fit and bam helped relieve a lot of pain and I wasn't dreading feeding.

6. Nursing PJs

Nursing PJs this means any PJs that you can uncover a breast and cover as fast. I had Button nighty NO NO NO this was painful exercise buttoning and un buttoning and I slept unbuttoned most of the time and I had family and friends coming to see me I felt and looked disgraceful lol, save yourself make yourself feel good by looking good. Rather get a nice few sets of spaghetti strap nighties or top pants set also something you like and sexy or super comfy you don't mind wearing for a long time. - JUST KEEP IT DARK COLORS.

7. Robe/ Hoody

If you plan on the spaghetti strap PJs I mentioned above, just grab a large zip-up hoody this will help with the cold if its the season or if the hospital is a little cooler. this is also easy access for feeding. A Robe can do the same thing only I don't like worrying about the tying up and rolling around trying to close myself up.

8. Flip Flops

If you plan on taking a shower its the same principle as the gym

9. Comfy Pants, Cardigan, long sleeve and baggy short sleeve (breastfeeding friendly)

If you plan on getting out of your PJs and being a little social and going for a walk or just to have as a back up - In case of emergency ... and I had a lot the day of the birth 10 hours of walking around waiting to dilate.

Or as part of a back up going home outfit.

10. Going Home Outfit

If you planning to see friends or family or just planning on taking pictures. pack something pretty, don't forget sensible shoes

11 Nursing Scarf

this is for more if you feel a little more conservative and need to feed your new baby with guests around.-don't be afraid of the nurses though they are a big help especially when they wake you up to help you to feed. and if you don't know don't be afraid to ask.

12 Chargers and external chargers for Tablet and Phone

make sure you are well entertained when your in hospital for 2 days and with now days of the covid and the stricter rules I'm sure you will need a lot more battery life.... But don't forget to rest.

13 Toiletries

your basics. shampoo; conditioner; wash; washcloth; toothbrush; tooth paste; body cream/ oil anti stretchmark's (bio oil); lip balm; Deo ( musk nothing that is too strong for baby, roll on is best); towels; makeup

14 Adult Diapers

Yes the best hack EVER. I actually got this off a YouTube video before my first birth. My water broke at 4am and I wasn't in active labor until 5pm. 4am took a shower put on a maternity nightly and a pad in the space of 1 hour i was covered in amniotic fluid. I was walking around with an adult diaper the hole day it was uncomfortable with the gashing of water now and then but it saved me from leaking looking like a drowning patient and constantly changing. also great for after birth and not messing too much in the bed.

15 Breast Pads and Breast Pump

with you feeding every 2 hours your breast may lactate by itself and you can use breast pads.

with the first few days till your milk comes in you produce liquid gold, so if you feel up to it and and try pump the colostrum, this is super milk for if baby is sick. just check in with the hospital or clinic if you can store with them during your stay- DONT FORGET THE BREAST MILK BAGS IF YOU DO. else wait till you get home to pump hard!!!

16 Water Bottle

its so vital to stay hydrated, you may not be very hungry but your loosing water as well you about to put your body under extreme amount of stress. water is also one of the best things for breastfeeding as long as you stay properly hydrated your milk supply will be good.

17 Tummy Strap

with the excess tummy that will still be protruding, its best to get yourself a strap to go home in, also you will look and feel more confident when you put it on with your going home outfit and look and feel like you lost about 5 kg if not more.

18 Book / Magazine / Earphones

this is just some more entertainment, firstly if you like me and you play music to the little one in your belly, it might help playing some music before active labor, also some hospitals don't give you earphones to watch TV, so always good to just take a set.

next magazine- mom magz will be the best at this time as you are very open to learning new things on what to do no matter how many times you have given birth.

book if you like to read or just need some time to start, also very relaxing while you are breast feeding, and 100% better than being on your phone.

19 Breastfeeding Pillow

I didn't bring my pillow at first, what a shame, it really makes a difference and helps you to relax. I was using the hospital pillow at first which was flimsy or dived itself into 2 parts. save yourself the constant struggle of fluffing while feeding and bring your breastfeeding pillow.

20 Baby Album Book Pen and Insta Camera

if you anything like me I love to capture the moments and details invest if you can to have more than a social media experience.

21 ID, Medical forms Dads details and any extra documents

Lastly double check with the hospital before the time what forms will be needed on the day of the birth and if they need any extra documents for the birth registration so you wont be missing your better half or worrying about admin. - Don't Forget a pen as you will be signing a few documents on the day.

If you have any tips you would like to add or question about the post please feel free to sign up , comment and drop me a mail, remember this is a community...


Anneline Yaish

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