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Planning Your Birth - Breastfeeding Box Checklist

If you are planning to breastfeed this is the perfect post to start with. My first pregnancy I remember being so nervous and I had so many question and because of an awesome friend of mine Elayne Olver she helped me with so many questions and through a lot of tears. With my second baby on the way I feel much more prepared. So my biggest advice is ask all the questions you want there is so much information out there and talking to someone that has already gone through the joys and hardships of breastfeeding is the best way to learn.

1.Breast Pump

The star of the box... I have 3 options and I would suggest all 3 if you can. First we looking at my favorite and easy to use Haakaa. This pump is used for let down milk and easy to use while breastfeeding, it can also be used with some hot water and Epson salts to unblock a milk duct.

Second I recommend hands free electric pump you only need one, but if your a crazy busy business woman I highly recommend getting 2 especially if you feel like your not making enough milk it can be frustrating sitting for 1 hour to try fill a bottle from both breasts, so having 2 just cuts the time in half.

Thirdly we can look at the manual pump. I got an entry level I find it works amazingly, so keep your options open to entry level pumps, they have great suction and it can get amazing results in just 10 min, yes its a little hard work but I find it better than my electric pump sometimes. - Also if you from South Africa you never know when Loadsheeding will occur... better to have a back up.

+ + + Don't forget to keep pump parts in the box so you know where it is when its needed.

2.Pumping Bra

There are 2 ways around this amazing hands free option while pumping, if you have the cash to splurge a bit you can opt out to buy a pumping bra, its not cheap but its worth it, it doesn't look appealing and you might want to get 2 so you can rotate in the wash.

option 2 make your own under budget.... All you need is a good fitted sports bra and you cut a slit along the nipple area.

3.Nursing pads

Again to amazing moms out there we have 2 options disposable and reusable nursing pads, this is going to be necessary to use as leakage will occur and you will need to change after every feed so make sure you have enough.

4.Nipple Cream

This is where you do not want to budget... You need the best and preferably something that is consumable friendly for the baby. The first few days of feeding and having the baby learning to latch can be a very painful and can feel like your nipples are being ripped from your body. So having the wrong cream can only make the situation so much worse.... Trust me I'm talking from experience.

I used the Purelan after the terrible conditions my nipples were in and I loved the product.- Also its consumable friendly, my son didn't even notice

5. Hot water bottle / Heat bean bag

This item is going to become very handy when your milk comes in, or if you have engorgement or a blocked milk duct. Also its a great way to help express milk at a later stage when you wont be making as much milk as in the beginning

6. Cooling Soothers

After feeding especially in the beginning stages having the coolers will really help in soothing the nipples. It will also help as a cold press for engorgement or block milk duct.

7. Burping cloths

You going to need at least 5 in the box. If you feeling shy you can use to cover up if there is company, but mainly going to be used as a burping cloth as the baby will be spitting up and needs to burped after each feed.

8. Water bottle

Staying hydrated constantly is the main ingredient for successful breastfeeding, so keep that bottle full and keep drinking water.

9. Breastfeeding Snacks

There is so many great recipes out there for you to make for breastfeeding, or you can snack on some healthy carbs as your body is going to need the cabs and starch to get by.... Else you going to over indulge on breads and sweets -its all I craved... better to have the good stuff prepared and ready for you to snack when you need.

10. Breastfeeding Bags

I call it my stash bags. you can write the date and time pumped and if its 2 different pumps a day and how many Oz./ ml. you will freeze the bags in order in a Tupper or box- oldest to newest. Always grab the oldest bag first to thaw.

Room temp you can keep out for 4 hours

Refrigerated 2 days

frozen milk 9 months

thawed 24hours

**** HACK: Place Bag in the breastfeeding bottle when you pump, for no transfer spillage.

11. Bottle Lids for breastfeeding

The lids are to make it easy to have a bottle ready in the fridge straight from pumping - this comes in handy when you start dream feeding.


This is to assist with soothing and the transition from breast to bed.

13. Book or Audio book

Try steer clear from your phone and social media for the moments of breastfeeding. Being present in the moment or relaxing in a book is said to increase milk supply and strengthen the bond with baby.

14. Vitamins

Don't Discard your pre-natal vitamins just yet, they are a great substance for vitamin support during breastfeeding. remember the baby is still feeding on you and you will need to replace the nutrients that is being used or taken out of you.

15. Breastfeeding Tea

If you can ask your pharmacy if they have breastfeeding tea or anything with fenugreek. Tea is always relaxing and this will increase milk supply...

Hope this post was helpful. Let me know if you have any question or if you wish to share some tips and hacks of your own... this is a mom community after all. Also if there is a topic you would like me to discuss please feel free to let me know.

Enjoy your breastfeeding journey


Anneline Yaish

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