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Planning My Baby Hospital Bag- Checklist

Hi everyone, this is somewhat a continuation from my previous blog post from Mama's Hospital bag... There is a lot of information so I'm going to try sum it up into top 10 list for you as there is a lot of the baby things fall under some -form of the same category.

  1. Blankets and Burping Cloths

There are 3 types of blankets you might need to consider. Muslin, the normal receiving blankets and the swaddle. Firstly we need to understand what is it actually used for? Receiving blankets are used to warm and dry newborns immediately after baby is born and swaddle them to make them feel snug as if they were still in the womb. you can even use some receiving blankets as a burping cloth ( and most likely will after a few days or weeks when your tired and baby spits up on the baby blanket.... at the end of the day its the least important thing lol.)

Some babies love to be swaddled, and for those babies swaddles are amazing for keeping them nice and snug, also muslin blankets are the perfect size for this so you don't have to necessarily go buy a swaddle you can actually just use the muslin. Receiving blankets like flees, fluffy or if it isn't necessarily breathable is not recommended as it can be a breathing hazard...So I would say stick to your cotton receiving blankets and muslin blankets.

my recommendation is to take 2warm Receiving blankets and about 4-6 muslin as you can use it for everything! Burping, swaddle, towel, blanket and cover (even cover up if you breastfeeding)

2.Baby Clothing

First of all consider that the baby has been in your tummy with naturally warm environment, Long warm baby grows are the best also I'm sure if your in hospital it will be air-conditioned.

If you are like me, and ready with a bag 2 months before, I had 2 premi outfit just incase, then packed 3 baby grows - newborn and a going home outfit.

3. Baby Accessories

Tis the season, now you can consider what season you are in fall, winter is more crocheted/ knitted and your spring and summer more cotton. This is of course Hats, mittens and booties/socks. I recommend 4 of each and zip lock them in a bag with individual outfits so you have a set of each with an outfit. As an extra pack vests, longs sleeve for winter and short sleeve for summer...JUST INCASE

4. Comfort Teddy / Cloth teddy / security blanket

When I first ready up on this teddy I was so impressed I walked around with it for a week maybe even more before I gave birth. This teddy helps baby feel close to you when your not around. When you get the teddy you need to wear the teddy under your top on and off for a few days so the natural scent of you will be transferred to the blanket and will help baby feel close to mama during naps or if dad takes over for a bit.

5. Baby Toiletries (Consumables)

Here comes a checklist within a checklist so lets start with the consuming accessories.

* Wet wipes

* Bum Cream - Something more natural or a coconut oil if using cloth nappies ( there are great recipes out there for homemade bum cream)

* Aqueous Cream ( or any safe water base cream- this is used for bathing and applying cream after bath, check in with the nurses when and if they will assist in the baby's first bath time, but it highly recommended that you wait at least 24- 48hours after birth. The Vernix layer - the white waxy substance that your baby is born with, is a protection against infection and assists in stabilization of blood sugar, bathing baby too soon can cause low blood sugar levels.

* Surgical Spirits - cleaning umbilical cord

* Cotton Wool buds - for umbilical cord and cleaning nose if needed

* Cotton Wool balls - For Cleaning baby face and hands

* Nose Spray- Saline Solution only

*Disposable Changing mats- this can be used for you and the baby ( For you especially before you go into final stage of delivery and your water has broken, also if you will be using maternity pads that can easily slip or if you are bleeding a lot.)

*Newborn Diapers - if you will be going the the disposable root, you can pack about 20 for the 2 days in hospital, you can always ask the baby daddy or family member to bring a few more.

**** BABY HACK: Back 5 diapers in a large zip lock bag with wet wipes and bum cream with a few disposable bags... this is for everywhere not just the hospital.

6. Baby Toiletries ( Non Consumables )

Again another checklist within a checklist but this one is a little shorter.

* Nail Kit

* Baby Towel

* Cloth Nappies - if you will be going that direction, newborn baby needs about 10 diapers a day depending on the weight and the drinking amount, you can always ask the baby daddy or family member to bring a few more if needed.

* Medical kit for babies- this includes the following. Nasal Aspirator( to get the baby boogers), Medicine Doppler, digital thermometer in a case, Medicine spoon with a cap.

7. Breastfeeding Pillow

I have mentioned this one in the mama hospital bag but its worth it to mention again especially if you will be breastfeeding. not to mention it will help as an extra pillow if you need as well.

8. Breastfeeding essentials - Optional

if you have decided that you want to exclusively breastfeed this is only optional. Some women want to start pumping and storing colostrum from the get go. Don't forget the essentials.

*Haakaa- for let down milk

*breast pump - to express

*milk bags - storage

Don't forget to check with hospital about storage of milk or ask if you can bring a cooler with to send home with Dad or family.

*** BABY HACK: Place milk bag in the pumping bottle when expressing to prevent spillage while transferring.

Don't Forget baby Bottle if you are planning on bottle feeding as well.

9. Formula - Optional

this is for the moms that choose to use formula.

*Bottles for baby- check in with the hospital if they can assist with sterilization

*formula in Tupper dispenser- you will need about 4 dispensers a day with the correct amount according to the weight of the baby.

10.Baby Pacifier and clip

there are so many options and some kids can be very picky so I suggest to take a few to try out, and don't be afraid to try the cheapest either some kids prefer it. Try 4 different brands and get a pacifier clip so you don't loose it lol. Just make sure the clip string isn't very long as it can be a chocking hazard.

Every baby is different and so is every situation, this is just a small guideline that I followed with my birth and it helped me, I hope it helps you too. If you have any suggestions or have some baby hacks you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.

till next time

Anneline Yaish


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