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Planning For Your Birth - Postpartum Recovery Box Checklist

Lets talk about the recovery of natural birth. Defiantly one of the most painful things of my life, No matter how many people tell you you will forget the pain... some things just don't go away. If your the lucky few that didn't need the perineum slit, congrats! As for the rest of us this is also a psychology of pain and a fear to actually go to the bathroom when needed as it really hurts. The funny thing is, its a small cut but it feels like you had ass surgery lol...hahahaha. Good news the recovery process isn't too bad I would say the first week was the hardest.

Lets start with the recovery process in the hospital. You will only be allowed to leave once you have made a bowel movement, so ask the nurses for the suppository, trust me you will get to the point the need to go out ways the pain and the fear out ways the need to go... SOOO take the suppository.

Here is a few things you will need for your postpartum recovery box at home you can just have it accessible in the bathroom.

  1. Tummy Strap

Make sure to check the sizes as I thought I was going to be the same size before my pregnancy lol was I wrong I went from a small to a large... and trust me its not 100% comfortable but it will be your best friend for the next 6-8 weeks recovery. this is suppose to assist in diastasis recti after birth. honestly it just made me appear less flabby and felt a little more support.

2.Wet Wipes

You should have a few around the house now with the new baby so take advantage. I really couldn't handle the feeling of toilet paper it felt so raw. Also if you are using baby wipes there isn't any alcohol so it wont burn and the cooling effect will feel blissful with every wipe.

3. Panties

You going to want to keep a few extra panties in a zip lock bag in your box as easy quick access. This is specifically for the next few weeks when you will be experiencing heavy bleeding, and ladies try stay away from wearing any light colors you really don't want to risk it.

4. Pads and panty liners

what should you expect with postpartum bleeding? the first week is heavy bleeding so those night time pads to wear full time is perfect! the following week will be much lighter like the end of a menstrual cycle. from there it will be spotting so you can use liners

****PP Hack: I'm sure by now you have found the amazing PADSICLES if not I am here to help change you life.

what you need get


* Aloe gel

* Large night time pads

* Zip lock bags

open pad do not remove the backing

pour 2 table spoons of witch hazel

layer with aloe gel

spread gel with back of spoon

close pad

pop pad in zip lock bag

place in freezer to Freeze

use when necessary - I used it for a week every time.

I hope this is helpful for your postpartum recovery, if you have any tips hacks or comments, please feel free to drop them in the comment section or drop me a mail. this is a community of mums after all and we need to lookout for each other.



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