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Eating plan for breastfeeding

So first off this isn’t a diet and I’m not a nutritionist, but I am a second time mom and I have made plenty of mistakes with regards to my eating habits and dieting. Dieting and intermittent fasting can ruin your milk supply. Eating to much sugar starch and carbs as you suffering from breastfeeding hunger- it’s a real thing! You wanting to shed your “baby fat” its only natural but it’s not going to happen overnight and the stress of setting unrealistic goals can leave you disappointed and can lead to depression or anxiety. You need to accept your body for the 10 -20 kgs you put on and acknowledge the amazing things your body has accomplished in the passed 9months and loosing the weight the right way isn’t going to happen as fast as you would like, so get comfortable in some large clothing be proud of what you have achieved and don’t pressure yourself and stop being so judgemental.

Before you begin the eating plan please give yourself the recovery period of 6weeks after birth and not to change your eating habits as your body is adjusting and recovering, you don’t need to be feeling hungry, unsatisfied or weak.

A good Eating plan mixed with light exercise, which needs to be okayed by your doctor.

A good eating plan is setting up realistic goals. You won’t be dieting and taking away from your eating experience but instead you will be putting full hearty good foods in your body without feeling hungry and so much so you will be able to happily feed your baby. If your hungry EAT, you want something sweet have, you want something starchy have. This is a healthy eating guideline with amazing substitutes to follow. The goal isn’t to loose weight it’s to make healthier cleaner eating choices that will support you and the baby during your breastfeeding journey.

In each of these topics choose 1 and have a snack in-between each meal and when you feel a sugar drop – this counts for midnight and early morning feedings.

*tips*You can draw up a easy 3 day meal plan that you can rotate throughout the month so you can plan your shopping list.

Breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea- don’t forget water and your multi vitamin

Egg muffins with bacon cheese and spinach

Overnight oats and side of fruit

Fruit salad with yogurt, nuts and honey

Hard boiled eggs and Avo on toast

French toast and bacon

Bacon egg cheese toast

Lactation banana bread

Lactation Pumpkin muffins

Omelette cheese and veggie( peppers, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms)

Lunch with Tea or coffee – with one of each add one starch and salad and water


Chicken breast



Bean soup

Chicken Soup

Tuna casserole

Chicken curry

Spaghetti Bolognese


Beef sausages




Mash potatoes






Green salad


Pasta salad


Potato salad

Dinner with Tea – don’t forget water and salad


Toast sandwiches

Pita with salad and humus and tahini

Savoury pancakes

Soup with croutons


Salad sandwich (avo, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and cheese)

Nachos- with extra chicken


Green salads


Pasta salad


Potato salad

Snacks with water and tea

Lactation snack

Trial mix- dried fruit and nuts


Carrots, celery, cucumber and hummus

Fruit salad

Lactation Smoothies

Crackers with cream cheese

All brand flakes with yogurt

Slice of bread with

*peanut butter and banana and honey

*humus and tomatoes

*avo and tomatoes and cucumber

* cheese, and tomatoes

* cream cheese and tomato and cucumber

Love your mom bod and enjoy your bon appetite...

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