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Breastfeeding Advice I listened to...

When you are a first-time mom, with the big question on how you going to breastfeed? the rumor is that it's instinctive. It is just that, a RUMOR!!! It's hard work!!!!

I didn't know what I was doing, and boy was it KAK painful. I looked for guidance from my mom friend El who walked me through it my first day after my son was born. You would be surprised how much it became the most important topic of my life, it almost popped up in every conversation and it was the center point of most conversation especially when I saw my lady friends, or I was around other mom's. It like everyone needs more info even those without kids... Now my second time round I'm feeling more confident but I'm still learning so much about breast milk and what type of feeding there is, and how to store and so much more...

So let's just start off with the basics, simple tips to assist you on your breastfeeding journey... Some day's will be tough but know that your body knows what its doing you just need to make a few conscious decision to help it along the way... You're going to be great.

So before we begin, take note this isn't an easy journey, but it's very rewarding.

Painful nipples and breasts, not to mention engorgement and possible breast fever. Unflattering clothing made for breastfeeding mothers. The work it takes to pump and express. Nipple care. The sugar starch cravings from burning calories.-All of it takes it's toll emotionally and physically.

However the bonding experience. The baby nursing from you as you give nourishment and nutrition from your own body. The day they put their hand to your breast while suckling is the most rewarding moments of this breastfeeding journey and I wouldn't change it for the world, or in this case expensive formula(- that actually states breast milk is preferred for babies on the container...as it is packed full of anti bodies)

Did You Know: you should actually breastfeed while sick this will help baby fight off the same cold or flu that you may have.... Your body knows what baby needs.

Ok let's get started

1.Nipple shields

So when my son was born he and I didn't handle the latching very well it felt like he was ripping off my nipples I. Ended up crying or swearing and screeching every time I fed him. My friend suggested nipple Shields for when I'm battling with the pain.

Here is the thing you need to get the correct size for your nipple so consult with a nurse or lactation consultant before buying the shield so you can get the right size or it won't work.

2. Practice the hamburger/sandwich hold

You can do this before baby is born as it will also assist in stimulating the breast for the production of colostrum-golden milk (which if you don't know by now is the cure of all illnesses lol- well most of them anyway) this will assist with the latch, aim the nipple at the nose...

3. Colostrum

as I was mentioning the Golden Milk, this milk will assist you when baby is sick with flu or tummy bug or most illnesses. Its like breast milk but with extra anti bodies as this is the stuff that's keeps a new born baby healthy while adjusting to life outside the womb for the first few days... its like a magic elixir. This you going to want to store as much as you can in the first few days before your milk comes in.

But here is the kicker.... YOU MUST NOT PUMP. You are going to want to hand express or use Haakaa for the let down of colostrum. Its not a lot but its very powerful so get what you can.

4. Haakaa

My absolute favorite baby product. Also recommended to me. This is great for let down excess milk. So as I just mentioned, the Haakaa can be used to collect the colostrum from the other breast while feeding...for the next 6 weeks at least... You can use the haakaa the same way to collect breast milk for storage( NOT TO FEED BABY BUT TO STORE) - the reason you don't want to feed baby the milk your expressing the first 6 weeks is because feeding from a bottle can cause baby to reject breast or create nipple confusion and mess up the latching that you have worked hard at achieving.

Also the excess milk/ let down milk is one of the main reasons baby is spitting up or drinking fast and choking, so by using the Haakaa before you feed baby a specific breast you will be helping baby by passing the letdown and get to the heavier milk and drink slower.

5. DO NOT Pump the first 6 weeks

When your milk comes in you will feel it and there will be an urge of urgency to pump, as it will be very painful. Don't Do it as you will be informing your breasts to make more milk which will keep you in the constant cycle of engorgement, and finally when you are not pumping as often you will find the production will slow down... this is only normal, SOOOO rather hand express or use a Haakaa for the excess/ let down milk, this you can store in breast bags for later months or use it in babies bath, or if your in my situation tandem bottle feed toddler.

6. Engorgement

The following advice can be used for engorgement or if you would like to get milk out a little faster.

I have just mentioned the Haakaa and how it can assist with expressing the excess milk/ let down milk., But you going to want you use HEAT ( hot water bottle, hot bean bag, massage) this will assist the stimulation of the milk ducts that will be quite stiff and sore, but once the breast feels the warmth and massage the milk will flow and flow. - Still breastfeeding after expressing don't forget to take care of your nipples and soothe it with a cold compress and nipple cream.

If you have a fever you possibly have mastitis - Breast-fever so you going to need Paracetamol as your breastfeeding no strong pain killers and get a partner or family member to assist you as you will need to rest as much as possible...

7. Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins is more essential now than ever, with the pregnancy baby was growing inside you and you were taking prenatal vitamins, now baby is outside and your still assisting with growing and feeding so you should still be taking the vitamins, even more so now as you will notice your nails and hair and skin will take a nutritional knock, especially with the lack of sleep and constant feeding. So take the prenatal vitamins.

If you feel you need an extra boost for your supply, there is breastfeeding tea and fenugreek that you can find from the pharmacy that will be able to assist

8. Lactation Recipes

thanks to Pinterest there is so many mom blogs and videos on lactation recipes. There are a few that are my favorite and I love to use and it really works.

Lactation Brownies

Lactation Oat Cookies

Lactation Energy Balls( quick and easy to make NO BAKE)

Lactation Strawberry Smoothie

Lactation Pumpkin Muffins

9. Eating Pan for Breastfeeding

Look at the tittle again... This is NOT A DIET PLAN, and this is NOT A WEIGHT LOSS WHILE BREASTFEEDING PLAN. Your main focus shouldn't be weight loss or diet, you will burn your milk. Rather make healthy hearty choices and follow a full fat, few starchy choice eating plan so you know what to stock up on and use as a guideline and give your milk supply a boost in fats and protein and your body energy with a bit of starch and carbs.

Here is a few examples to add in your eating plan







peanut butter


10. Rest

this is no joke I can see a difference in my supply if I don't get more that 6 hours a day. So rest when you can, even if you cant sleep REST.


This is so important, you are taking a lot of liquid out the whole day, breastfeeding, expressing, bathroom, sweating. You need to put it back, and more. So at least 3 litters, but I try to drink at least 500ml every feeding session and drink tea and have fresh fruits during the day.

12. Skin -to -Skin

This is one of my most favorite activities of the day. Its known to stimulate your milk supply but its so good for you and the baby. For you its releasing oxytocin and helping you and baby bond. Baby its helping with regulating body temperature and giving time for babies skin to breath.

13. Feeding on demand.

This is a mistake I made with my first baby. I did the schedule feeding and by 6 months I couldn't make extra milk only enough to feed him during the day or at the scheduled times... lol I don't even know if anyone else had the same problem, but it left me in tears. So this time a friend recommended on demand feeding. Feed baby when baby wants and how long it wants, don't keep time and don't keep watch, enjoy the experience and relax. and express the other breast at the same time baby is feeding and complete the process pumping out remainder milk for about 10min after... if anything is left.

My last bit of advise where I went wrong the first time is after my 8 week check up. Doctor cleared me for exercise, I went back and hit the gym hard trying to fight my way back to my body ( which didn't work that well as it was mostly hormonal weight not over eating or laziness) so I just made my body work hard, me stress more and I was burning my milk supply, SO DONT OVER EXERCISE, Rather start slow and SLOWLY gain momentum on what you can do.

My biggest downfall was coffee... I was consuming about 5 - 7 cups a day... I would go to bed after a cup of coffee that's how much I loved coffee... So rather substitute coffee with chicory or decaf or limit yourself to 2 cups a day. Coffee can burn your milk and its been told its not very good for the baby.

So here is my lessons I have learnt, and the advice I have followed. I am more confident at breastfeeding this time round. If you have any advice that worked for you please leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

Hope this was helpful...

till next Friday...


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