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16 Breast milk uses and beauty hacks

Breast milk is a very powerful agent, backed full of rich antibodies. It’s so powerful that it states on formula containers that breast milk is preferred for a baby. Also most of us know the magic of colostrum ”the golden milk” and what it can do for a sick baby, toddler or even adult…

But the lesser known hack of milk is Breast milk beauty, it’s not as commonly spoken about but it’s out there and most moms that have tried have sworn by it.

There is so many beauty hacks and benefits of breast milk here is a few

Baby acne and eczema

I have tried this and it’s absolutely amazing, my little girl suffered really bad in her 2nd week with baby acne which then turned into eczema and I put breast milk on a cotton bud and dabbed it on her little face, within a few hours it wasn’t inflamed as much and with continuous use 2 weeks it was cleared up. – don’t stress if your baby has acne it’s completely normal as it’s mamma hormones that baby has to get use to. I know it may look painful and you would want to treat it but refrain from any baby creams. If your very concerned it’s ok to check in with the pediatrician or nurse

Cradle cap

After 3 months and when he started taking the daily baths he started developing cradle cap. I would rinse his head with a bit of breast milk… I know it’s tempting but don’t pull the scabs out babies hair.

I have wondered if it’s good for adults for dry sculpt but haven’t tired it yet…

Diaper rash

We were using cloth diapers and the night nappies started giving him nappy rash and nappy blisters. I used breast milk and let it air out ( no nappy time for about 10min) and it cleared it out.

There is also a great nappy cream you can make with breast milk.

Pink eye

There is also a great nappy cream you can make with breastmilk.…

Sun burn

Again great to use from baby to adult. Use a spay bottle on burn areas and let it dry.

Stuffy nose

From baby to adult, you can use colostrum or breast milk. Use a dropper or a syringe

Cuts or scraps

Easy fix with some cotton wool and breastmilk

Ear infections

For babies or adults and use colostrum or breastmilk

Blocked tear duct

This can be very common in babies I honestly just sprayed a bit on my baby girls eyelid

Skin rashes

A milk bath will do wonders for skin rashes. I baby my newborn in a bit of breastmilk. And I apply breastmilk directly to my psoriasis

Insects bites

You can apply breastmilk directly, it will help as an anti inflammatory and the itching

Chicken pox

I would strongly recommend a milk bath and direct application as in the insect bite it worked as a anti inflammatory and anti itching agent

Cracked or sore nipples

Express a little and rub it on the nipples

Chapped lips

For baby or adult. You can apply directly on baby or you can make a lip balm for adults… or just apply directly

Make up remover

Very simple add to cotton wool and remove


This you can experiment with to make your own lotion or moisturizer there are great recipes on Pintrest-From soap to lotions.

All you need is

breastmilk 3oz

Coconut oil 3Tbs

Essentially oil of your choice 3drp

Vitamin E oil 3drp

Bees wax 1 TBSP

More beauty recipes coming your way…

Send me your favorite recipe to be featured and shared with other mamas.

To be continued…



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